Sonoma County Animal Services

Angelina Martin was awarded the first social media contract for Sonoma County Animal Services in April, 2016.

At that time, the Sonoma County Animal Services’ Facebook page had approximately 4000 likes/followers, and reach of approximately 500 people per post. The shelter & employees greatly contributed to the community and the animals in their care – Our purpose was to increase Animal Services’ visibility in the community; becoming a valued resource.


Content Production:

Created & posted daily content to the Facebook, working to improve their online reputation through compelling, efficient storytelling – including photography, videography, and creating sharable graphics.


Strategic Planning:

Research, develop, create and implement a strategic social media plan abiding by county policies/procedures, while redesigning the Animal Services’ online brand.

Created social media plan to obtain permission for second social networking platform: Instagram and to rebuild YouTube page. Permission granted.


Community Engagement:

As directed by operations manager, develop & create content for online media with the purpose of promoting collaborative efforts with other organizations.

Working with county agencies to meet their first shelter dog as part of a new program (video content, graphics, produced by Angelina Martin and shared with permission):