9/26/21 9am-11am Live Webinar: Social Media & Disaster Related Events For Animal Response Teams

This webinar is designed for animal (disaster related) response team representatives who utilize social media and who want to learn more about how to communicate effectively with community members before, during and after disaster related events, through social networking platforms on the following topics: (Click here to register).
  • Creative content to post during non-emergency times
  • Differences and benefits of 3 different top social networking platforms to use in an emergency or Disaster Related Event (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp)
  • Importance of developing an Emergency or Crisis Communication Plan
  • Significance of coordination with Government, State and/or County Organizations and Agencies
  • Use of engaging content to post during emergency situations or disaster related events, including utilizing Social Listening to improve visibility to reach community and supporters
  • Tips for creating viral content and what to do after content goes viral
  • Importance of creating educational & sharable graphics to promote before disaster related events happen, helping community become familiar with being prepared
  • Gain familiarity in developing and producing accurate information from sources during an emergency or disaster related event, including use of appropriate hashtags
  • Learn techniques for answering questions from the public in a concise, standard language, through use of effective, combined methodologies
  • The significance of approvals for shared images and videos, internal and external control policies
  • Posts that could help gain attention of grantors and donor to assist organization in time of need
  • Capturing lessons learned and moving forward after a disaster related event

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Social Media and Disaster Related Events for Animal Response Teams
Social Media and Disaster Related Events for Animal Response Teams

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