What is Social Media Marketing?

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Let’s start with the basic definition from Wikipedia which is, “Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service”. Okay, that’s great – but what does that mean? How do we “promote” products and services online?

As of right now, businesses have a few options. They can hire someone who has a specialized skill set as a Social Media Marketing Manager or they can hire an agency who specializes in Online Media to provide Social Media Marketing solutions and they can in-turn promote your products or services online.

So that begs the question, “What does a Social Media Marketing Manager or Agency do?”

We polled 100 employment opportunities for Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn and the top 5 job responsibilities include:

  1. Creating content by editing or writing engaging & efficient text to post on platforms such as Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.
  2. Designing, creating and managing a Social Media posting schedule or calendar.
  3. Developing a Social Media strategy or plan.
  4. Utilizing analytics to track posts, ensuring strategic goals are met.
  5. And up-to-date knowledge of specific Social Media Platforms.

As of right now there are over 200 social media platforms online – that’s a lot of platforms to choose from. Your social media manager or your agency should know which platforms would be a good fit for your organization or business.

A Social (or Online) Media Agency provides services included in the Social Media Manager position, and more, such as:

  • Paid Social Advertising to reach your target market
  • Online Reputation Management, including social listening.
  • Increasing Engagement & Visibility
  • Taking photos
  • Creating videos
  • Designing sharable graphics

Social Media Management is a complex, dynamic and ever-changing field of marketing that continues to evolve over time and circumstance. Finding a good fit for your organization to promote your business online is more important than ever.

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