About Us

It all started because of an idea…

Meet Angelina

The idea was to find a way to help organizations and animal shelters with social media marketing at low or no cost. So, Angelina created a social media agency to help those businesses, who help others.

Angelina has been involved in social media marketing for the past 10 years. She’s worked with numerous social media accounts, developing viral content while helping them reach their online marketing goals. in 2016, she was awarded the first social media contract for Animal Care & Control.

Throughout her time at AC&C, our local area had 4 major disaster related events (wildfires). During that time, she produced and implemented social media content, plans and strategies with success. Mentored by an experienced operations manager, she also successfully researched, designed and implemented successful disaster preparedness educational materials for community and their animals.

After working through so many disaster response events, Angelina has developed educational webinars to help other animal shelter organizations become more prepared for future events.

We hope you’ll join us, grow with us, and help us give back to achieve our mission.