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Online Media Solutions

Online Media Solutions
Angelina Martin, Online Media Solutions Creator, helping animals in need in the California Central Valley.

We are Online Media Solutions:

We started growing online reputations while managing social media platforms over 10 years ago.

Working with our clients to grow their social media pages from 100 to 28,000 likes, while increasing engagement rates through social listening from 500 to 2.2M people.

We’ve been speaking at virtual conferences, and presenting live webinars for organizations such as CalAnimals and the Justice Clearinghouse

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Online Media Solutions

What We Do:

We help organizations and animal shelters with a variety of aspects of their social media marketing including: strategic planning, visual storytelling, content production, paid social advertising, online reputation management, social listening, data analytics & so much more!

We also host live educational webinars each week. Register today by visiting our Webinar Page.

Visit our Social Media educational series on our YouTube channel.

Onsite or Remote Consulting: Contact us at for more information.

Online Media Solutions Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

Creating a social media strategy or plan is key to ensuring marketing success with measurable results! Let’s find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Online Media Solutions

Content Production

Efficient, engaging & compelling content generates interest in who you are, what you do, and the services you offer or provide to multiple unique platforms.

Social Listening

Social listening is one of the most useful tools which involves finding ways to use social media to be of service, assisting your community, and staff.

We’ve been working with animal shelters, businesses, non-profit & government organizations for the past 10 years.

Online Media Solutions
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